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You will need take special care of lengthened or thickened hair, as everyone with long hair must to do. Most of the care is identical to that of naturally grown long hair but there are a few differences. The most significant difference is in detangling. Your personal commitment to detangling will drastically affect the outcome of your experience with Great Lengths Human Hair Extensions.  To maintain the integrity of your Great Lengths service, it is essential that you observe the following guidelines.

General Information
Some hair loss is normal--as with natural hair. Furthermore, since a person's average natural hair loss is between 50 to 150 hairs per day and a full head of extensions covers approximately one third of the head, you can expect to see a small quantity of naturally released hairs trapped in the attachments after some time. This is quite normal and should not be interpreted as hairs pulled out of the scalp by the extensions themselves. Daily brushing close to the scalp and finger separation of the applied strands will avoid matting in this area.
Activities in a constant, damp environment, such as regularly scheduled aerobics, gymnastics, steam baths or saunas, may lessen the longevity of the Great Lengths service. Precautions should be taken such as always carry your ANTI-TAP water with you and use it on the bonds whenever they are moist. Take a blow dryer with you to the gym and dry your bonds after workouts etc. Take care when your bonds are in a moistened state not to pull, tug, or manipulate them until they are returned to their contracted state and dry.

Shampooing, Conditioning & Drying

  • Do not shampoo for 48 hours after completing any Great Lengths service. This includes the initial service as well as maintenance services.
  • Tilt your head back and cleanse from the top of the head. Avoid facing your head downward. Redirection of the bonds when wet is NOT recommended.
  • Condition and detangle only from mid-strand to end, avoiding the scalp areas. This is because the bonds swell when their wet, as does your own natural hair, allowing your natural hair to “breath.” When the bonds are wet and expanded, conditioner will encourage slippage.
  • Do not dry with a scrubbing motion, but instead wrap hair with a towel to remove moisture.
  • Always dry the base area thoroughly to avoid bonds being in the wet expanded state. Use medium to low heat when air forming and finish with cool air once the hair is completely dry.
  • Use recommended Great Lengths products. My personal recommendations
    are the Great Lengths NXT Hair Fluid. Basically a serum that adds intense shine, reduces frizz and smoothes any split ends.
  • The Vital Care Lotion is another favorite, a leave in treatment for normal to dry hair, reduces tangling and improves comb-ability.
  • ALWAYS USE ANTI-TAP after your final rinse. Do not rinse the anti-tap water out.
    Do not use products that contain sulfur, such as dandruff shampoos.

Prior to Bedtime
It is recommended that you braid your hair or pull it back into a soft ponytail holder or scrunchy before bed. This prevents tangling while sleeping.


Brushing & Combing

  • Brush with a natural bristle brush- Bore Bristle Brush- 2-3 times daily.
  • Use a wide tooth comb to remove tangles from hair ends.
  • Do not use a comb in the area between the scalp and the Great Lengths bonds.

Curling Irons/Hot Rollers
Curling irons and hot rollers, flat irons etc. may be used on Great Lengths Hair Extensions, but they must be kept at an adequate distance from the Great Lengths bonds.

Sea water and swimming pool chemicals can cause bond breakage and decrease the longevity of the Great Lengths extensions. To minimize these effects: Prior to swimming, wet the hair completely in a shower. After swimming, immediately rinse the hair and dry the base area. Always use the Anti-Tap Final Rinse after swimming to prevent bond breakdown.

General Info : Articles : Great Lengths : HairLocsDream Catchers : SoCap : Clip-In : Invisible Hair : FAQs

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