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Hair Extensions
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  General Information

Whether your application is for length, volume, color enhancement, or simply to update your current style, our systems will harmonize beautifully with your natural strands without ever displaying the visible telltale signs that are so common with other extension systems.

With our fashion colors and jeweled crystal strands, you may add a touch of personality to your look in a matter of minutes. Hair extensions are a beautiful way to complete your hair and give yourself a new hair style all in one. There are several way to have extensions applied to your hair. You must first have a consultation to find what will be the best method for your hair and your desired needs. We only use 100% human hair unless fiber hair is requested.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions
This method is based on a gentle principle, 'modulating'. The attachment of the hair strand to your own hair is composed of polymer chains whose molecular structure is very similar to that of human hair. A special applicator joins the strand with your hair. Easy to install and remove by an expert. Great lengths uses the highest quality hair available. This method is the best hair extension method on the market today. Click here for details.

Hairlocs Hair Extensions
The Hairlocs method is applied by using a patented cold application which is every bit as undetectable as the keratin-protein bond method. How long your extensions last depends on care and maintenance. The Hairlocs system uses 100% (Remi) full cuticle hair which enables you to re-use it through maintenance applications, extending the life of your extensions for up to 12 months.  This means...the hair IS RE-USEABLE!  Maintenance depends on how quickly your hair grows, usually every 2-4 months. Click here for details.

Dream Catchers
DreamCatchers are no ordinary hair extensions and are made of the finest virgin European hair, it is one the safest HAIR EXTENSION METHOD for ALL HAIR TYPES that does not use glue, heat, chemicals, sewing or braiding.  Click here for details.

Strand by strand hair extensions
Ever wonder what method all the celebrities get, well here it is! Strand-by-strand is the method of choice for most of our clients. Not only is it the most natural of all the extensions, it lasts three to five months! Individual strands of hair are applied to your hair and are held with a special protein bond, which allows the hair to move just like your own. You can wash and style it or even pull it back into a ponytail when you just don't have time.

Cinderella Hair Extensions
These extensions are attached to your own hair at low temperature with a protein-moulded bond. The bonds are strong and flexible and made of protein that is not harmful for your hair. In general a high hair quality is used with these extensions.

Micro-cylinder Hair Extensions
This gentle attachment method does not involve glues, heat, or chemicals. Tiny tubes (micro-cylinders) are used to attach the strands with a special technique to your own hair. Easy to install and easy to remove by an expert. Applied in the correct way this is a strong and safe method that will not damage your own hair. This method can also be used for weft extensions. The cylinders come in different sizes and colors but also in different qualities. This method can be used with the highest hair quality and with hair of a lesser quality, it depends on the salon.

Micro-Linking Technique
A process of attaching hair wefts without braids. The links are sewn on to the wafted hair. The user's natural hair is pulled through and locked secure. This system is highly recommended for natural hair that is too fine or soft to hold other weave techniques.

This method is for the person who wants to add a few pieces (1-3) but for a longer time. Small cornrows are braided in your hair and then hair, on a weft, is sewn to them. These extensions last from 4-8 weeks and can be wash and styled like your own hair.

A crocheted web with attached hair. The loose web allows the user's hair to be pulled through and "integrated" with the hair piece.

Seamless Hair Extensions
Finally a seamless hair extension that gives the look of a full coverage weave, yet no bulk. It is also the fastest in comparison to the wefts. It requires no adhesives on the scalp, no weaving or braiding, no clips, no chemicals or messy removal. This system is ideal for people with thinning hair, who wants to just add length and/or volume, or for those who simply want to add highlights or lowlights without chemicals. This method is recommended to stay in for 3 to 4 weeks and remove using a solvent. The hair can then be reused.

Hair Pieces
Our extension specialist can make custom hairpieces just for you! These clip-in pieces will be fitted exactly to your head and with your exact hair color and texture. Great for a quick fix anytime you want, and they will last forever.

This method is for temporary extensions when you want to add length for a few days or for a special occasion, like to get a very nice up-do for your wedding. The hair is on a weft, which is applied directly to your hair with special hair glue, this allows the hair to lay very flat on the head. This method will last a week or to your next shampoo and pieces can be removed with any oil base product or bond remover.

Invisible Hair Skin Graft
Made for severely damaged hair, hair shedding due to meds, bald spots, see-through hair. The key points to know about this hair extension method is that while all the top anchors only to the hair; this method anchors to both the hair and the scalp . Therefore further eliminating the pulling and tugging associated with strand or weft extensions. This hair is reusable and comes in single to double tone shades. The grafts can easily be trimmed from its original 10" length to cover certain 'bald' areas. I would not recommend this for thick hair. This is recommended to stay in the head for up to 8 weeks.

Clip-On Hair Extensions
Clip on hair extensions at an affordable price. 100% human hair extensions. So fast and easy to attach yourself in the privacy of your home. Easy snap clips hold hair extension firmly in place and can be taken in or out in minutes. Thin hair becomes thick and full. Short hair becomes long and luxurious! Add highlights of color and create a whole new look!

Custom Lace Front Wigs
This will give you a realistic hairline. It caters to individuals who wish to change their hair style without damage to their own hair, or to those who may have experienced hair lose or hair damage. Even if you would like to give your hair a break from daily styling without compromising your look, purchasing a custom lace front wig is for you. Wigs are made from the finest 100% Remy Indian or Remy Asian hair of superb quality.

General Info : Articles : Great Lengths : HairLocsDream Catchers : SoCap : Clip-In : Invisible Hair : FAQs


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