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Japanese Hair Straightener

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Facts of Japanese Hair Straightening

In 1996, Japanese company MILBON™ developed LISCIO solution designed to straighten kinky or frizzy hair. Unlike traditional relaxers containing harsh chemicals, Liscio solution is gentler to the hair. It has specially formulated ingredients that help to protect and to repair hair from heat damage.

LISCIO was first introduced to American consumers in 1998 by Shinbi and was welcomed by women who longed to have pin-straight hair. With added protein treatments and supporting products for the thermal reconditioning procedures, many happy and satisfied clients proclaim that their hair condition has actually improved after the Japanese hair straightening treatment.

Comparing LISCIO to Similar Japanese Hair Straightening Systems


Multiple solution strength for different hair types Multiple temperature flat iron
Even heating plate to prevent hair burn
No special blow dryer purchase required
protecting Ingredients
Liscio™  Yes Yes  Yes   Yes Yes 
YUKO System™        Yes  Yes
CHI Transformation
RUSK Thermal Str8™        Yes  
Bio Ionic™          

YUKO System™
YUKO™ Thermal Reconditioning system. Both LISCIO and YUKO™ products contain similar ingredients, however, YUKO System™ only has one solution strength, which makes it hard to use on different hair types.

CHI Transformation System™

CHI is a relatively new hair straightening system. The flat iron only has one temperature, which makes it difficult to customize individual client's hair. After hair is straightened, a blow dryer is still needed to keep the hair straight.

Bio Ionic™

1. Iron Difference: Uneven heating plate on its irons can cause damage to the fragile hair during the procedure.

2. Different Activator Solution: It has the same Thio based activator. However, it does not have any heat protecting ingredient, thus it causes the hair more susceptible to heat damage during the ironing procedure.

3. Additional Maintenance: Special blow dryer and brush are required for the maintenance of straight hair while other systems do not require such purchase.

RUSK Thermal Str8™

Different Iron: RUSK™ iron does not have an evenly heated plate, which reduces its effect of the ironing procedure, nor does it have customized features. In addition, RUSK™ iron does not has a temperature control, so the hair may be burned during the processing time.

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